There is Data and Telephone Equipment which cannot be resold in their present form.  These items may be outdated, beyond repair, or just not resalable.  IT Waste Pros will have them broken down into their basic components and recycled.  IT Waste Pros will remove everything.  Monitors that cannot be resold are dismantled under carefully monitored conditions in approved recycling facilities and each element is sent safely to its appropriate destination to become part of a new raw material or product.  Products such as Lead Acid Batteries and Fire Suppressant present clear hazards for businesses, both environmentally and legally.  IT Waste Pros has the expertise to de-install these items safely, and transport them to where they need to go.    None of these items will go into a landfill, and nothing is shipped to villages in third world countries where they would liter the streets and water supplies with toxic poisons.  Partnering with businesses in this way helps America handle its surplus assets responsibly, and sets a strong example for other countries as well.


Waste Not

At IT Waste Pros we believe that acting responsible about the environment is the best policy. That’s why when we demolish and liquidate  98% of EVERYTHING is resold, recycled or reused.

Not only do our offices practice cutting-edge green practices, like waste reduction and recycling, but we extend those practices to every element of our business. When transporting hazardous materials, we work to ensure that their handling, store and shipment are safe.

The environment is not just the air around us, but the people we live with, and IT Waste Pros is committed to taking care of people and making a difference. To that end, you can trust that we will never resell equipment to exploitive industries in places like China and India. Many such industries won’t use diesel generators as back-ups, but as primary energy sources, putting employees at risk of lung inflammation, respiratory and cardiovascular disease. Not only do we make sure that our company abides by the industry’s highest environmental standards, but we are responsible for where our products ship and how they are used.

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